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Project manager



Sales coach



Singer & Trainer


"Carrie Bradshaw once said," I put my money where I can see it every day! In mine  Wardrobe! ”Well that applies 100% to me, I love fashion and that often overwhelms my wardrobe ;-) Although I'm a very tidy person, I never managed to do that in my closet. Until Anika came!


As part of a TV  Production she coached me and showed me the ingenious KonMari method. I would never have thought it possible that you can create so much order with this folding technique!  Anika also taught me to let go with her very likeable manner.  It was so much fun and I enjoyed everyone  Anika tips applied immediately.  Thank you Anika, you are really wonderful!

" The coaching with Anika was very effective. Since the day I feel a new energy and strength in me,  because I could let go of a lot of old things.  The Marie Kondo Method helps a lot with this.

I can only recommend everyone to let Anika accompany them personally.  With her cautious and yet very purposeful manner, she creates the space that is needed around her  Order and the joy of letting go. Wow, I'm still flashed.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I have a lot of fun  made!"

" As my vocal student  told about you, how you work with her, I was electrified immediately.  I, -70 year old- myself a teacher, felt your strength, your knowledge, your intuition. And although you don't  are half my age, I knew: this young woman will teach you things that you still need.  And so it is: your love for people, your understanding of hardships, mistakes, fears and problems shows me the soft path of recognition, understanding and forgiveness.

You pass on to me what you see in me and what you find important what I cannot see myself. I learned from you to flow through the resistance  or to flow around the stone like the soft water that can even break the stone.  Welcome adventure! Thank you, Anika! "



Axel Springer








CEO People Grower Academy


"Anika is an inspiring speaker! As part of our learning lunch  we booked her as an expert  on the subject of "order in the workplace".


The space  was bursting at the seams. In addition to the valuable tips and tricks, it was convincing  Anika with her extremely exciting presentation.  The audience and I were thrilled! "

"Dear Anika.  Your lecture touched me deeply. The understanding and respectful way you talk about people who you have freed from their accumulated "stuff" is just great.  


The enthusiasm with which you take people off the pressure of their mess borders on magic. Your practical methodology is mature, effective and totally convincing. Your radiance is like the light at the end of the tunnel.  Anyone who wants order or wants to get rid of  superfluous things, must hit you. I wish everyone that they get the opportunity to book you or at least to listen to your lecture. "

"With her analytical way of thinking, her charismatic aura and her distinctive  Anika made our team building format a real experience with empathy.

She knows how to combine theoretical content and practical elements in such a way that the  Learning is a real joy. We thank you for our happy customers and employees! "

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