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Would you like an easy life with even more relaxation and time for the really nice things? Would you like to gain an overview and clarity and free yourself from your ballast? Let yourself be stressed less by "untidy" or "unclear" things?

Then you've come to the right place ! Sometimes it is already a small first step that can change the future sustainably! Let's find out together how I can support you in your mission.

For order and life counseling, I will visit you in your home in the Berlin area. I also offer online and telephone coaching. Send me a message with your request and I'll get in touch with a suggested date for our free consultation.


" The coaching with Anika was very effective. Since the day I feel a new energy and strength in me,  because I could let go of a lot of old things.  the  Method helps a lot with that.

I can only recommend everyone to let Anika accompany them personally.  With her cautious and yet very purposeful manner, she creates the space that is needed around her  Order and the joy of letting go. Wow, I'm still flashed.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I had a lot of fun! "


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Photo: Lovis Trummer

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Awaken new life energy and joy through the power of sorting out! Feel the lightness and clarity of a tidy life and experience the wonderful feeling of freedom and serenity inside and outside.


  In my online workshop you will learn how to get rid of your inner ballast by sorting out in your home. Dive in  into the world of mindfulness, learn to let go and make valuable decisions!  

The next event date will soon be on this page  and announced in the newsletter.

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