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A bout  M.  I 

As one of the first KonMari® consultants to be certified by Marie Kondō: I help people to free themselves from their ballast and to fulfill their dream of an easy, relaxed life full of joy.


I myself had to learn to let go early on in life. I not only parted with my jeans that were too tight, but also with my job as a HR manager, my fear of uncertainty and people who weren't good for me. Today I am living my dream and have gained a lot more than I had to let go of.


Photo: Lovis Trummer

ertrauen V

I am grateful for the trust you place in me.

No matter what topics come up, I'm there.

And very important:

I evaluate  not.

F.  purity

I have freed myself of my ballast and want to help you to go your own way. You decide what belongs in your life and what does not.


Letting go takes courage. When you have taken the first step, it will be easier! Fortunately, I also had courage-makers who believed in me and my plans.

L eidenschaft

Whatever I do, I put my heart into it. Because for me there is nothing better than the feeling of happiness when you are together  has achieved the set goal.

M.     one  Q      qualifications


W.  economic psychologist

Photographer Lovis Trummer

Completed master's degree at the University of Applied Management



B ackround im

human Resource

Photographer Lovis Trummer

Former HR and team trainer. Still today as a lecturer in human resources



S pezialisierung on Training & Coaching

Photographer Lovis Trummer

Coach for personal and professional development and certified KonMari®  Consultant

D.     ie  A.      education  to the

K onMari®  C onsultant


Photo: Robert Orlowski

This picture was taken in 2017 at the KonMari® Consultant Certification Seminar in New York. Like today, I remember the journey that would change my life forever. It was the beginning of my personal and professional reorientation. In preparation for the seminar, I studied the KonMari® theory and practically implemented the method in all areas of my life. In the three days in New York I deepened my understanding of philosophy and got to know the inventor Marie Kondo.


I made friends for life and made the decision to quit my job as HR and team trainer in order to pursue my personal destiny. During the training I worked with clients and wrote reports on my experiences. After successfully completing the practical phase, I passed the final exam and was officially certified as a KonMari® Consultant. In the meantime I have achieved the platinum status of the certification program.


T theory


C onsultant S eminar

W ork with  K lientInnen

P raxisberichte

A bschlussprüfung

platinum iijan.png

Photo: Robert Orlowski

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