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Die Methode

M arie K ondō &

the K M ethod onMari®-


Marie Kondō is the inventor of the KonMari® method named after her. Since her Netflix series at the latest, the little Japanese woman has been answering her all-important question: "Does it spark joy?" famous. This question depresses that  Core of the method perfectly.  Because with KonMari®  fine  not about minimalism, but about the decision about what you really love and keep in your life  would like to. Tidying up is not done according to room, but according to category. The five categories are:

Clothes, books, papers, odds and ends

& Sentimental.

For each item in a category, a decision is made as to whether you want to keep it. Sorting in the respective categories means that you get a much better overview. It shows how many similar things one owns and which of them, compared to others,  bring the most joy. This makes it much easier to make decisions. The next step is reorganization. Every object has a fixed place and is aesthetically arranged. 

Photo: Kay Amano / Konmari Media Inc.

V  isioning

Ask yourself: How does my  Dream home? How do I want to live? How do I feel when I realize my dream?

A ussortieren

Decide: What makes me happy? What do I want to keep in my life? What do I need for my personal happiness?

O rdnen

Determine: What belongs together? Where does everything get a permanent place? How are things sorted sensibly and aesthetically? 

G njoy

Celebrate your successes. Enjoy your dream home. Feel how your  Clarity has a positive impact on your whole life.

D.     ie   5  CATEGORIES K

Joy at Work